In our clinic going to the
dentist is an unexpected
positive experience.


Professional team of Lavin Dental Clinic can be described in just two words - topmost quality

Doctors with expertise
Lavin Dental Clinic brings together qualified and experienced dentists and professionals committed to providing each patient with highest quality dental services and care.
Efficient procedures
We aim at making you fulfill your goals with a flexible and caring treatment plan designed to meet all dental needs and fit into your treatment budget.

According to the research results, a smile is responsible for:


Our team gathers highly qualified experts in various fields of modern dentistry. We put all efforts to assure you that visiting the dentist can become a completely new experience.

A team that promotes smiles

Lavin Dental Clinic will conquer you with a modern approach, pleasant atmosphere and professional and well-organized staff.

Lavin Dental Clinic is equipped with the cutting-edge systems on the market, according to European standards, ensuring the maximum safety of patients.
Our approach implies the use of digital technologies of new generation and application of the latest methodologies in the field of implantology and cosmetic dentistry.

All dental services under one roof!


Why our patients trust us

Dentists with expertise

We are a team of renowned dentists, experts in our individual fields

Efficient procedures

You can have all your dental work done under one roof

European standards

We use the best implants and components available in Europe

Phone: +381 64 577 32 43

Address: 29 Molerova, Belgrade