Aesthetic Dentistry

Dental beauty
and health


Modern aesthetic dentistry allows us to improve the appearance of your healthy teeth and grant almost any wish when it comes to having a more beautiful smile. Even white teeth add to the beauty of the face and smile and have a positive effect on self-confidence. Lavin offers all aesthetic dental services.

Composite bonding

Composite bonding is a way of repairing minor aesthetic anomalies such as irregular tooth shape, bad tooth positioning and tooth discoloration using a thin layer (0.3 to 1 mm) of composite resin. Composite resin veneers are bound to the teeth with a strong dental glue. If looked after properly, these veneers can be a permanent solution.


Porcelain veneers imitate the characteristics of natural teeth better and are more resistant to staining than composite resin veneers. Porcelain veneer placement requires filing down a small portion of the tooth enamel to create room for the veneer and make it look as natural as possible.

Porcelain veneers are an ideal solution if you have a broken tooth, a big gap between the teeth or even bite problems.


Modern aesthetic dentistry would not be possible without ceramic crowns. They are manufactured in such a way so as not to damage or irritate the gums. In addition to their durability and functionality, they are also recommended for their exceptional aesthetic characteristics: their transparency and light-handling characteristics are the closest to those of natural teeth.


Teeth whitening is restoring the whiteness of your teeth by eliminating the staining from the surface of the teeth. This is a very popular and simple method that can be done at the dentist’s or at home. Before a dentist whitens your teeth, they will have to examine them to establish whether the procedure can be done or not. First, hydrogen peroxide is applied to the teeth. Then they are exposed to the UV light, which does not damage the enamel.

If you decide to whiten your teeth at home, please follow your dentist’s instructions.

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