Dental implants – the best solution for a
beautiful, healthy and functional smile.

Why dental implants

When you miss a tooth (or more teeth) not only the harmony of dental arch gets disturbes, but every tooth that is missing stresses your TM joint, making chewing and the normal functioning of jaws more difficult.

Dental implant is the most efficient, modern and comfortable replacement for one or more missing teeth.


Implant placement does not jeopardize the other teeth in the jaw : when placing dental implants we do not touch the remaining natural teeth.
They will enchance your confidence : unlike regular dentures, implants supported recontructions are stabile, and patient has a feeling of safety and comfort.
They look like natural teeth, and they feel like natural teeth in your mouth.
Complete dentures supported by implants are much more stabile and comfortable.
They enable patients that are missing teeth in lateral regions of their jaws, to have a fix bridge instead of a partial denture.
Dental implants provide completely edentulous patients to have a fixed bridge on 6-8 implants, or a much better, stabile and reduced denture.

Make the first step to your new beautiful smile.

Implant placement is quick and easy

Dental implants have two parts : titanium screw that is placed in the jaw bone, and replaces the root of the tooth, and abutment, on which a crown is placed.

Even though, placement of titanium screw sounds intimidating, the procedure is actually painless and lasts only around 10 minutes per implant.

Proces ugradnje implantata

After a clinical examination and consultation with dr Lazar, specialist of oral surgery and implantology, and official lecturer and instructor for Zimmer Biomet implant system, you will agree on a detail plan of treatment.

  1. Procedure is done in local anesthesia, (if anxiety and fear of pain and dental intervention is very strong, there is possibility of analgosedation – completely safe method during which patients do not feel neither fear nor pain)
  2. Process of placement lasts around 10 minutes per implant. If you come from abroad, you can plan that you need to stay in Belgrade for one day – that is enough time to do the examination, necessary x-rays, and than, if the doctor confirms that you are a candidate for dental implants, we start with the intervention.
  3. Recovery is quick, mild discmfort can last for a week maximum.
  4. After the placement, we wait for implant to osseointegrate (attach to the bone), which usually lasts around 2-3 months, and after that we start with the making of prothodontic work (crown, bridge, denture etc)
  5. In Lavin dental clinic there is no place for fear that your body will reject the dental implants.

Thanks to science development, contemporary materials and high quality equipment, as for the dedication of our team, in particular dr Lazar, percent of implant osseointegration success is in between 95 and 98 %.

All on four

So you can finally smile, eat and speak feeling free and relaxed! With all on four concept you can forget about unstabile, and aestheticaly unadequate dentures.

All on four made a revoluton in rehabilitation of  completely edentulous patients  with big jaw bone lose ( and with patients in which all remaining teeth are for extraction). All on 4  provides theese paitients with reduced fixed prosthodotic work, that will bring back their confidence and wide smile, without longlasting big surgical interventions!

All on four protocol:

Phase I (2 days) – implants placement, teeth extraction (if needed) and making of temporary dentures.

Phase II (7 days) – making of all on four fixed prosthodontic work.

The latest generation equipment, top quality materials and good prices!

Eventhough simple and painless, implant placement is a surgical intervention. That’s why it needs to be done in perfectly safe and clean conditions. Our patients have the privilege to have their implant placement done in a separate operation room, (which is still rare to see in a dental offices ), not in the same dental chair where fillings and other general dentistry non-surgical interventions are done.

Also, UV lamp for air sterilization allows the interventions to be done in safe conditions. To make sure that even the smallest details of your teeth and gums get good attention and treatment, we use a special surgical light, that allows much better visibility, and with that,  more precise work on details.

In LAVIN dental clinic we use only high quality implants : ICX, Straumann and Zimmer.

For implants that are done in our office, you will get passport, cerificate and perennial guarantee – as for prosthodontic work.

Free accommodation

We give our best to make organisation and every step to a beautiful and healthy smile, eastiest possible.

That is why, if you come from abroad and you need an appartment, we provide you with modern, comfortable and completely free accommodation, and also free transport from and to the airport. All our apartments have wi fi, air condition and tv, and are located in the city centre, nearby the office, but also to numerous monuments and activities that will make your stay in our capital  pleasant and fun.

For you smile to attract smiles.

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