We, at Lavin, offer Zimmer and Straumann implant systems – dental implants of the best quality.


A dental implant is the best replacement for a missing natural tooth. Dental implants can replace one or more teeth without having to file down the surrounding natural teeth. Implants are purposefully shaped and inserted in the jaw to replace the root of the tooth.

We use the premium quality Zimmer and Straumann implants made from biocompatible material which integrates with the surrounding tissue and enables the full bonding of the jawbone to the implant. Implant placement is a painless procedure done using local anaesthetic, to which patients rarely react adversely.

How long does
the implant
process take?

In a patient with a healthy jawbone, the implant placement and crown fitting takes only a few days. In more complicated cases, where the jawbone is not in good condition or other procedure is necessary, the fitting of the crowns and bridges is postponed for a few weeks.

What do dental
implants do?

· They replace one or more teeth.
· They can support full dentures, making them more stable and more comfortable to wear.
· They can support dental bridges for patients who wear removable partials.

What are the
of implants?

· Aesthetic advantage: Implants closely resemble the appearance of natural teeth, and the feeling in the mouth is identical to that when having natural teeth
· The other teeth remain intact: Implant placement does not require filing down or damaging the other teeth in the mouth.
· Self-confidence: Unlike dentures, dental implants do not cause discomfort and do not fall out. You feel comfortable and confident in the stability of the work done and in yourself.

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