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Orthodontics is one of the best preventive dental methods where orthodontic appliances are used to put slight pressure on the teeth, forcing them gently to shift to a correct position. In this way, permanent aesthetic and functional improvements are achieved and conditions are created for maintaining proper oral hygiene and preventing the formation of caries and gum disease.

Orthodontic therapy used to be associated with adolescence but this is no longer the case. Today, it is used regardless of the patient’s age.

Fixed appliances

Fixed appliances are fixed to the teeth. They stay in the mouth for the entire duration of the treatment and cannot be removed whenever the patient wants. The fitting of a fixed appliance takes about 45 minutes per jaw and it’s painless. A period of adjustment follows, during which the patient may experience some discomfort. A fixed appliance is usually worn for two years. During this period patients have to adjust their habits, especially with regards to their diet.

Removable appliances

A removable appliance is a type of corrective braces that is not fixed to the teeth and is not worn all the time. It is intended for growing children up to the age of 12. The appliances are worn for at least 14 hours a day (usually by night and a few hours during the day) and can be easily put on and taken off by the patients themselves. Removable appliances are used in the first stage of therapy to correct the position of the jaw. This stage is followed by a fixed appliance therapy to correct the position of the teeth.

Clear aligners

Clear aligners are the latest technology in orthodontic dentistry. They can be used as an alternative for fixed braces. A number of transparent ortho foils is made on the basis of the patient’s bite registration. They cover the entire surface of the teeth and gently straighten them. In addition to being aesthetically more pleasing, they are easier to maintain and the oral hygiene is better. Unlike braces, where the pressure is the strongest at the points where the brackets are, the pressure of the foil is distributed across the entire surface of the tooth.

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