Veeners – all you need to know!

Veneers are a revolutionary discovery in the field of esthetic dentistry, which enabled complete smile transformation, with minimal, or in some cases, no preparation of natural teeth. Beautiful and healthy teeth are very important and influence our selfconfidence. If you want to change shape or color of your teeth, without teeth whitening, veneers are a perfect solution.

Veeners – all you need to know! 1

The pioneer and fonuder of veeners, as we know them today, is dr Charles Pincus.

The wish to make quick smile transformations, with hollywood movie stars in the thirties, has led to creation of thin veneers  which were fixed to teeth with powder for denture adhesion.

In the next decades, series of discoveries involving dental materials, and tooth perapataion design, led to modern veneers who significantly beautify your smile in a non-invasive way.

Dental veneers are an esthetich compensation, which covers the outside surface of the tooth.

They can be made of :

  • PORCELAIN (special category of porcelain veneers are LUMENEERS)


Composite veneers are made in one visit to the dentist. They are recommended if small  number of teeth needs reconstruction or as a temporary solution, until the conditions (oftenly financial) for ceramic veneers are aquired.

They have greater predisposition for coloring, because of material characteristics, which, of course, depends on your lifestyle and habits (consumption of colored drinks, coffee, cigarettes etc.), as of regular oral hygiene.


In most cases, our recommendation are ceramic veneers. The progress and develpoment of porcelain with extraordinary characteristic has enabled the dental profession to create a new smile.

Ceramic veneers are thin, and cover the outer surface of the tooth, chaniging the color, shape and position of the tooth. The are very thin, so the light can refract the same like through tooth enamel, and that gives them a natural look. Because of exquisite material properties, veneers give the smile brightness.

Veeners – all you need to know! 2


Lumineers are made of porcelain, and do not demant additional tooth preparation (non prep veneers). They are extremely thin, high in strenght, placement is quick and painless, and significantly cover the existing shortcomings.

The basic difference between veneers and lumineers is the material they are made of. A special type of porcelain is used for luminirees, and that makes them stronger, and thiner than classical veneers. The greates advantage is that they do not need tooth preparation.

Veeners – all you need to know! 3

When are porcelain veneers needed?

  1. If teeth color needs to be changed

They can change tooth color in case of intense tooth discoloration :  tetracycline staining, fluorosis. And are also used with post root canal discoloration, aging or big black fillings. Teeth withening can give temporary results, however it is thought that porcelain veneers are a more stable and long-term solution.

2. If shape or position of the tooth needs to be changed

Irregular teeth position, rotated teeth, gaps between teeth, cracks – can be successfuly reconstructed with porcelain veneers.

3. When there are functional reasons

Open bite, loss of contact in between teeth-  it is still in research to be treated with veneers

4. When short or broken teeth need to be extended

Reduced teeth are an idication for venees.

How do you maintain your veneers?

Regular check-ups and calculus removal is needed.

When maintaining oral hygiene at home, we advide use of toothbrushes with soft fiber (ultrasoft) and interdental brushes .

Why veneers?

Veneers are ideal solution if you have your  natural, healthy teeth,  but you want to beautify your smile. They are idealy combined with all ceramic crowns and bridges. A great solution for the esthetic of your smile.

If you want shiny, white teeth, which will  delight your surroundings, our absolute recommendation are porcelain veneers.

Choose the best for yourself, make an appointment in LAVIN DENTAL CLINIC, and start your own transformation!

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