For many years now, dental implants have been the best replacement for missing teeth – safe, medically proven alternative, that provides you with a confident and functional smile. Dental implants will not only replace missing teeth, but also preserve your bone, gums and surrounding soft tissues. On today’s market there is a various number of dental implant systems, and making a good choice is very important. Our recommendation are Zimmer dental implants.


Zimmer Biomet, founded, and still based, in city of Warsaw, state of Indiana, USA, has been a leader in musculoskeletal industry for 93 years, with the main focus on improving the quality of life for people around the globe. Through collaborating with leading clinicians and researchers, great number of studies, and in the first place caring about doctor and patient needs, they have become leaders in the dental implant industry as well, and have gained the title of premium brand implants.

Zimmer’s Tapered Screw Vent (TSV) implant  in clinical use for almost 20 years, and with over 5 000 000 pieces sold,  has been awarded with the title of the best implant in the world!  Biocompatibilty, strength and good osseointregration (with the help of the triple tread design), are just some of many advantages of Zimmer’s TSV.

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As the best implant from Zimmer family, is  Zimmer Trabecular implant, whose porous design enables young bone to grow into the implant in the first 24h, so it becomes perfectly stabile, which enables prompt crown making.   

Spec. Dr Lazar Jovanovic, oral surgeon and implantologist, is an instructor and lecturer for Zimmer implant system, and as he always puts high quality and patient safety first, in our office you can get premium Zimmer Biomet implants, by more than good price.

Zimmer implants are a good quality, safe option with whom you can be completely carefree.

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