We will surpass your expectations!

Without any doubt, patients of LAVIN Dental Clinic deserve the best possible care.
And that’s why, we analyse in detail and talk about every next step, using the
latest generation equipment and high quality materials, so we can give you
confident and shiny smile, as quick as possible.

Yours is to say YES to implants, we thought about everything else.

In LAVIN dental clinic we are proud of our experience and knowledge in the area of dental implants, and we provide premium quality ICX, Straumann and Zimmer® implants to our patient, at the best prices.

Besides that, we provide our patients with:

Free accommodation

If you come from abroad, during the treatment in our office, we provide you with modern, comfortable and completely free accommodation, and also free transfer from and to the airport. All our apartments are nearby the office, and also to a lot of tourist attractions.

The best experts

Dr Lazar Jovanovic is a specialist of oral surgery and implantology, official instructor and lecturer for Zimmer implant systems, and member of American and European implant dentistry associations. In his hands your smile will become a work of art.

Separate O.R

Operation room, comletely seperate for the general dentistry area, where we do the fillings, crowns etc, with UV lamp for air sterilzation, special operation room light which enables much better vissibility of the working area, all together provide work in completely safe conditions and high quality of service, which is still rarely seen in our region.

Unexpectedly pleasant experience

Almost all of our patients, show anxiety, when they strat asking questions about dental implants placement. Well-there is no reason for fear. Procedure of implant placement last around 10 minutes per implant, it is done in local anaesthesia and it does not hurt. After the procedure, the recovery is quick, there is almost no swelling, implants succeed to osseointegrate in 95-98 % cases., and in 2-3 month we can start with the prosthodontic phase (crown, bridge, denture etc)
Implantologija zubni implant

Lavin Dental Clinic offers a complete dental service.


Why our patients trust us

Dentists with expertise

We are a team of renowned dentists, experts in our individual fields

Efficient procedures

You can have all your dental work done under one roof

European standards

We use the best implants and components available in Europe

What do our patients say


The right time for your smile to get glorious shine is NOW.

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