“All on 4/6” CONCEPT

All of four/six concept is considered to be  the greatest discovery in modern dentistry, since 1978, when dental implants were approved by Swedish ministry of health.

For a long period of time, complex therapy of edentulous patients was without the right solution – therapy procedures demanded often complicated surgical interventions, like nerve transposition, bone grafting etc. Than, a young Portuguese dentist, Paulo Malo developed “all on 4/6” concept (patented in 1995), and completely changed modern dentistry.

“All on 4/6” CONCEPT 1

Today, edentulous patients have the possibility to get a fixed prosthodontic  work, without complicated surgical intervention. The secret is in tilting distal implants in relation to the occlusal plane, so there is much bigger surface of implant-bone contact, and in straight and angled multi-unit abutments. Patient often misunderstand the concept, so we need to accent that all on 4 and 6 are not dentures.

The concept is reccomended with :

  • Edentulous patients
  • When there is no possibility for a fixed bridge supported by 6 or 8 implants
  • If the patient does not want a denture.

The procedure for all on 4/6

After the clinical examination and 3D radigraphy, comes detail plaining of implant placement positions, and we start with the process, which goes in two phases :

First phase : implant placmenet and provisional teeht making.

Second phase : 2-3 months after implant placement  making of definite all on for or six.

Implant placement is a painless procedure, which is done in local anesthesia, and lasts around 10 minutes per implant.

“All on 4/6” CONCEPT 2
All on four
“All on 4/6” CONCEPT 3
All on six

Materials for all on 4/6

Today, there are various options of “all on 4/6”, constructed from different materials. Quality and esthetic vise the best option is  with zirconia multi-layer teeth, on BioHpp base. It is digitally designed and manufactured. A very light construction, with whom you function like with natural teeth, and you get the highest esthetic possible.

Why “all on 4/6“  system?

  • Exeptional esthetics
  • Complete rehabilitation
  • Functional and comfortable chewing and speech.
  • Patients with big bone loss have the possiblity to finally have a contemporary and stabile smile
  • Quick recovery

All on 4 or all on 6?

Our Spec. Dr Lazar Jovanovic, always highly recommends all on 6,  if there is a posibility, beacuse it provides better stability and function.

With all on 4/6 concept you can forget about uncomfortable and esteheticaly inadequate dentures.

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